Isaɴg Beteraɴg Aktor Aɴg Nawala Na At Buoɴg Showbiz Aɴg Naluɴgkot Sa Pᴀgkawala Nito

Veteran actor Orestes Ojeda or Luis Pagalilauan has p@ssed aw@y in real life after battling canc3r dise@se in the pancreas. Luis p@ssed aw@y just this Tuesday, July 27, 2021, at the age of 68. Orestes d13d at a hospital in Taguig City. Orestes’ daughter Lois Nicole Pagaliluan confirmed the sad news about her father in her Facebook post.

Lois describes Orestes as her “father, best friend, mentor, partner in cr1me, lablab, her life, her most favourite person, our b0mb4 star.” The girl penned in her post,
“I miss everything about you. I already miss taking care of you. I miss how we dance to literally anything. I miss our goodnights (we never missed a day). I miss sleeping beside you. I miss our conversations. I miss watching movies with you. I miss hugging you. I miss annoying you and you annoying me back. I miss hearing your laughter. I miss your very contagious smile. I miss how you can comfort me with just a hug. I miss your weirdness. I miss your corny and bast0s jokes. I miss pissing mom and Pao off with you. I just really miss you, D.

She added, “It’s so difficult to wake up knowing you won’t be around anymore. It’ll never be the same without you, but you’ll always be in our hearts, never to be forgotten. I promise. I will keep our beautiful memories close to my heart.”

Lois also described her father as a great blessing in their lives that gave joy, not only to them but also to the people around them. Lois said,
“You are so loved by many, daddy. I am so lucky to be your daughter. I look up to you so much that I ended up acting like you, talking like you, laughing like you, walking like you, and that actually makes me really happy. I wish I was just as strong so I can endure the pain. Thank you for everything, for fighting till the very end, for showing me what love is, for simply being you, and for sharing your heart to me, daddy.”

Although Lois was deeply saddened by the loss of her father, she said that it still brought her joy because she knew that her father would not have to suffer. She added, “I’m never not holding you close to me, D. You said we’re never gonna be apart. Please hug me tight so I can sleep at ease. As promised, we will take care of mom. We will keep our family close just like how you wanted it.”
“I will always be your baby girl. I love you, daddy. See you in my dreams, please.”

Orestes was first known to the public in the 70s. He also starred in some memorable films back then such as ‘Manila By Night’, ‘Scorpio Nights’, ‘City After Dark’, and ‘Kambal Sa Uma’. He has also been the leading man of actresses Lorna Tolentino, Isabel Lopez, Alma Moreno, and Amalia Fuentes.

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