Isᴀng direktor inilᴀbas ang tunay na ugali ni Angel Locsin matapos ang ginawa nito sa isang stuntman. Tᴀlᴀgᴀng mᴀdami ang hindi makapaniwala na magagawa ito ni Angel Locsin.

Actress Angel Locsin, an activist and philanthropist is now being called by the netizens as the nation’s real life Darna. Because of her passion and dedication to reach out and help others, fans can’t help but to think that she really embodies Darna, the role she played in TV 10 years ago..

And you can never recall a single time that the actress got into a controversy regarding her attitude or the way she “fakes” her agenda of helping just for the exposure in the media.

As a matter of fact, the actress became an activist a long time ago and have been helping people in silence, only announcing the progress of their outreach program whenever there is a public donation drive.

An ABS CBN director recently posted on Facebook and revealed how Angel treats his workmates on the set.

Lester Pimentel Ong, one of the directors of ABS CBN’s hit series La Luna Sangre talked about how the actress really act when there is no camera around.

Gusto ko lang share ang experience ko working with this person. There was one time, isa sa mga stuntmen namin got heavily injured, naputol ang pinakamalaking buto nya sa hita sa isang aksidente na hindi work related. Ang pobreng stuntman, naospital sa orthopaedic center ng mahigit isang buwan, ubos ang ipon at malaking chance hindi na siya makakalakad muli dahil hindi na niya afford ang mga susunod pang operation na kailangan gawin…” he shared.

“One late night ng konti na lang tao sa public hospital kung saan nakaconfine si injured stuntman, dumating siya kasama lang ang driver niya…kinumusta si stuntman, consoled his wife and mom, then asked the person in charge of the hospital how much was the accumulated bill at magkano pa ang kakailanganin para makalakad pa ulit si stuntman” he added.

According to Ong, Angel paid all the expenses and even left some extra money for the family and did not forget to leave some encouraging words to lift them up.

Siya si Angel Locsin, she is the real life Darna…hero sya kahit sa likod ng camera, kahit walang nakatingin at walang nakakaalam…” Ong continued.

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